Greetings, all you foodies out there! My name is Ross Bradfield and like many of you who are visiting this site, I have a passion for making tantalizing dishes for myself and others.

I created ChefYeti for two reasons: The first reason is that I want to share my knowledge of delicious delights from all over the world with all of you. The second reason is that I want to expand my own knowledge of culinary creations by learning from all of you!

Do you have a recipe for casserole that's been handed down in the family for generations? Ever spent time in a foreign country and fell in love with the cuisine? Then share that experience with everyone!

ChefYeti is a free service that allows you to create your own recipe portfolio. You can create listings of your own recipes or share your favorites from other sources! (just make sure you give credit where credit's due!)

I look forward to our culinary collaboration!

-Ross Bradfield

Founder, ChefYeti